I am always excited to get to do weddings for girls who where in past weddings that I have shot.  Robin was in a wedding I shot a little over a year ago and I was thrilled when she contacted me to do her big day. Robin is a special kind of woman, she exudes love for God, peace, and happiness.  Her wedding day was full of this, there was lot’s of laughter and happiness and the common thread throughout the day was Robin and Wes’ deep love and respect for each other but even more so, for God.  Wes is a perfect balance for Robin, you can see that they truly are what the other needs.  At the beginning of the ceremony they had a video interview of them talking about how they met/got engaged and the way they talked about each other and lit up when talking about the love they share was captivating.  They have a beautiful kind of love.

Wes and Robin, you guys are so blessed to have each other.  I can see a long lasting love when I see you two together.  Thank you for sharing your day with me, I do not take lightly the amazing moments you trust me to capture and am thrilled to have been a part of your beautiful day.  I pray only the best for both of your futures together!

















Robin’s father had passed away before having a chance to give his sweet girl away but he was definitely present throughout the day and I know that he was looking down with pride and love throughout the day. During the ceremony Robin’s brother walked their dad’s bible down the aisle and it was such a beautiful, bittersweet moment. This was his bible and Robin and Wes wanted to include dad in this special way.