I can’t tell you enough how much I adore Brittany and Jacob!  From the moment we first met and each time I met with them, I felt like they were friends and we could just sit and talk forever!  This made me even more excited than normal to photograph their day and hope that I could capture it in a way that would bring them happiness for years to come.  I loved photographing Brittany because she has a joy and a smile that’s infectious (you will see that as you scroll through the photos) and Jacob mirrors that joy when he is looking at his bride.

They got married at the beautiful venue, The Barn at Crooked Pines Farm on the last weekend in July.  It was perfectly overcast and we got blessed once again with no rain.  Jacob and Brittany chose to do a first look and one of my favorite moments of the day was when Brittany gave Jacob a journal she had started for her future husband, before she had even met him!  How awesome is that!!??!!  One of my other favorite parts of the wedding was how fun everyone was!  They were silly and goofy (but still payed attention to me;) and when it came time for the reception, well….let’s just say it was one of the more fun ones that I have experienced!

Jacob and Brittany, I truly adore you both.  I got so caught up in your love story that I truly felt that I was celebrating with friends on your day!  Thanks for treating me so well and letting me capture your day.  I have so much faith in you two, to make it for the long haul!  I pray that you guys will love each other more in 50 years then you do now and that your marriage will always be a safe place for each of you. A safe place where there is love, trust, joy, peace, endurance, and God!  Best wishes to you and your future!



































Extreme happiness at being pronounced man and wife!