I have known Ashley since my husband and I were dating and she is a childhood friend of his so I was thrilled when she contacted me about shooting her wedding.  I did her sisters wedding almost exactly 2 years earlier and had such a great time, that I knew her day would be a treat as well. Plus my husband was the musician for the day, so that was even better!! 🙂

Ethan and Ashley are so sweet together and I enjoyed spending the day watching them interact and enjoy their day.  They put so much work into all the details, including painting and reupholstering all the reception chairs!  I know that had to be a ton of work be it turned out so beautifully.  All the bridesmaids dresses where handmade and unique to each girl, it was a lovely touch.  Pretty much every detail and event in the day was done with love by family and friends.  How special to be able to look through the photos and see love in the cakes, food, dresses, decorations, etc!!

Ethan and Ashley!  Thank you so much for letting me follow you around all day:)  I pray God blesses your marriage and that you both make lifelong memories together!  I hope that each time you look back through these photos you are reminded of all the people who love you and the joy and happiness you shared on that day.  Best wishes!







































Venue: Lakes Chapel and Clubhouse
Florist: Bride and Family
Cakes: Aunt Jan and Grandma Betty
Catering: Family