The Woodgeards have been some of our closest friends over the years. When you get married you suddenly feel the need to have “married friends” and they were that for us when we lived in the south. From yearly Christmas sleepovers, to letting us spend weeks at their house when we were in the process of buying our first home, to the nights I spent coloring and cutting Brandy’s hair while the guys played music in Lucas’ studio….they are the real deal kind of friends. When we decided to move to Virginia and then Eugene Oregon, there weren’t many people that were hard to leave behind, I tend to have just a few close friends but they are thought of and missed all the time.

I have taken Brandy and Lucas’ photos for years, in fact they were my first couples session, but last year was the first time I got to photograph them with their new little darling (yes, I am incredibly far behind on blogging). It’s so great seeing them as parents and how they interact with their daughter! They are amazing parents, just like I knew they would be!

Ps. Fun fact, before I found out they were expecting I had a dream Brandy was pregnant. When we talked on the phone a day or two later I told her about my dream only to be met with a long pause, followed by “Weellllll…..I am!” Does that make me psychic?? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. 😉