What a beautiful wedding Will and Becca had!!  There were so many sweet and lovely details that Rebecca incorporated into her special day. All the flower arrangements were the handiwork of the bride herself and who doesn’t love huge colorful balloons??!!??  And then there was the simple fact that these two people are so in love with each other! Every time I turned around they were together, often looking into each others eyes and so much laughter.  There is not doubt that there is deep lasting love between the two of them.

Their choice for a reception venue was a special treat to me as a photographer!  Sun in my Belly  was so unique and cute with tons of details.  I would definitely recommend them to any bride and I am already planning to visit for lunch with my hubby soon!!

Will and Becca!  You guys shine together! Your love for each other and God is so evident in everything you do.  Hearing your friends toast you made me realize how special you are and had me hoping to be that kind of friend to others.  I am so happy to have been a part of your day, you guys really are special and I pray God’s blessings over your marriage and future!!