I don’t think I need to say a lot, this wedding, the joy on everyone’s faces speaks for itself.  Lindsey and Jared were a joy to work with and when I pulled up to the location and saw cotton fields everywhere I was freaking out!  It was a photographers dream from the beginning down to each well thought out detail.  But my favorite part was just feeling the intense love that was shared throughout the entire day.  Between Jared and Lindsey, between parents and children, siblings, guests…..the way a wedding day is supposed to be.

Jared and Lindsey, I can sincerely say that your wedding was one of my favorites to date, not just because of the cotton, the cute signs, the beautiful handmade dresses and ties, lovely sunflowers, and coke bottles but because I felt something so real when you are together.  I have faith that what you share is real and is the lasting kind of love.  Never stop looking at eachother the way you do, making each other laugh and being each others strength!  I pray God’s blessing over your marriage and life and I fully expect to be there photographing your 50th anniversary (even if I am in a walker:) that’s how much faith I have in what I saw between you both! Ga Photography














Lindsey made all the bridesmaids dresses as well as the guys ties and all the bouquets!!!! Talk about talent!










They braided ribbon together to signify a strong bond that can’t be separated just like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It was a beautiful part of the ceremony