“Where there is Love there is LIFE”

-Mahatma Ghandi

I feel blessed every time I photograph a wedding and then get home and look through the photos.  My heart fills with joy as I remember the happy tears, the laughter, the nervous anticipation, and the love that threads the whole day together.  Amanda and Taylor are some of the sweetest people!  I loved how excited and ready they were to get married and begin their forever together!

This summer has been crazy, weather wise, in Georgia.  It has rained nearly every.single.afternoon.  Leading up to Taylor and Amanda’s big day, the weather was predicting 70-80% chance of rain.  Seeing that they are a gorgeous couple, I was looking forward to having lot’s of beautiful outdoor portraits and I knew that, that was Amanda’s hope as well.  So there was lot’s of prayer and hoping and even though the weather prediction didn’t change, we had absolutely no rain!!  Anyone who has been in Ga this summer KNOWS that that’s a miracle!

Taylor and Amanda, I am so happy for you guys.  Thanks for being such fun and sweet people, I really enjoyed every time I got to be with you guys and my only regret is that it’s over!!  I am excited for what the future holds for you guys and know you will do great things together!  God bless you both and your marriage!