The Saturday before Easter I got a phone call from my accountant.  He and his wife hold a get together at their house every Easter and this year they decided to make it extra special by renewing their vows in front of all their loved ones.  Let me tell you… I was quite unprepared for how emotional and touching it would be.  This was my first vow renewal and their was something so unique and special and so meaningful about listening to two people who have lived life together, gone through good times and bad,  recommit to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.  I was honestly overwhelmed by their love towards each other and very humbled to see the way they serve each other and God so selflessly.  One of my favorite parts of their ceremony was when they washed each others feet in a sign of selfless servitude towards the other and then anointed one another with oil and prayed over their beloved.  It was so beautiful and a true example of Christ’s love for us.

Patrick and Velvet, I was so blessed to be a part of your day!  I honestly believe that I got more personally from being there than I can ever give you with these photos.  Thanks for being such a Godly example of marriage,  I wish you both only the best in the rest of your marriage and pray that God grants you many more years of love and happiness for your future!














They Danced before heading back down the aisle…It was so beautiful to watch how they held each other.