Jonathan and Kristen are the real deal.  I didn’t have to try and coax Jonathan to cuddle or kiss Kristen, he just does that naturally.  They are constantly laughing and looking at each other with nothing but love.

We started off their e-session at the beautiful Fritters Restaurant.  When we first arrived we were greeted by a yard full of teens taking prom photos but they soon went inside to eat and we had the gorgeous grounds to ourselves.  After that we headed to the rustic and lovely Georgia Red Barn Bed and Breakfast.  It was perfect, with fields, wooden fences, and beautiful trees!  Well almost perfect since poor Jonathan and Kristen were quite allergic to something in the fields.  They were troopers though and we got some gorgeous photos in in the sun filled farm setting!

Jonathan and Kristen, I feel so blessed to have a couple like you choose me as your photographer.  The way you guys interact and love each other makes my heart fill with joy, your kind of love is what I enjoy to capture the most as a photographer.  I can’t wait till your wedding!