I am SO behind on blogging but wanted to put up at least a few from one of my recent weddings.  Greg and Victoria are a super sweet couple that came up from Florida all the way to North Georgia to get married.  Their wedding was absolutely lovely with perfect weather!  They chose to do a first look which is very popular among couples now.  Here are some reasons why I advocate for a first look…. One: It gives the couple some time to really enjoy seeing each other for the first time. Its usually very intimate, just us three and I love being able to capture the smiles, wide eyes, and often tears.  There are definite pros to seeing each other for the first time at the alter as well but one of the cons to that approach is that you are rushed right into the vows and ceremony and dont really have time to just relish seeing each other for the first time.  With a first look, you do!!  Two: It always for plenty of time for beautiful portraits of just you and your future spouse and also we are able to get most of the photos done beforehand.  Three: You are able to get to the reception almost immediately after the ceremony and enjoy all your guests and yummy food!  And with all that said….please enjoy this first look!!

Victoria and Greg!  You guys were amazing to work with and capture!  Your love is so sweet and real, I was so happy to be ther for your day.  I wish you both the best in your future together!



Look At that HUGE Smile


And because of the First Look we had plenty of time to capture beautiful portraits like the following!