Sarah is a very dear friend of mine and was part of the very first session that I was truly proud of.  When she talked to me about being a part of her wedding story I was more than thrilled, and when she told me that she wanted to do the session at the fair I was ecstatic!! We first planned to do their engagement session the day before and got completely rained out.  So the following day when it was still raining, we talked and decided to take a chance, and I am SO glad we did!  It rained for a few minutes when we first arrived then cleared up enough for our session.  As we were leaving it began to rain again and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take kissing-in-the-rain photos!  Lucky for me they were awesome and up for the challenge (which they conquered, by the way)

Sarah and Charlie,  you guys are AWESOME!!  Thanks so much for letting me capture this incredible love you share!  You guys are perfect together and your love is evident.  Charlie, thanks for being the one who lights up my friends eyes and brings a smile to her face.  For that I love you.  And Sarah you already know, I have all the love in the world for you too!!!!