I reached out to Amy of Amy Lynne Originals in late winter about doing a blog post about her gorgeous work. Being in a new town, I was looking for new vendor connections and people that I could refer future clients to. I was instantly drawn to her free flowing, whimsical designs and knew that she was the kind of designer that I would love to work with! After meeting her and sitting down for a chat I am more convinced than ever that she is the best of the best. Kind, easygoing, and full of life are a few words that come to mind when I think of my short interactions with her not to mention ridiculously talented. Not only does she do floral design but she also has a school where she shares her vast knowledge of 25+ years in the industry through workshops and classes at The Winston-Salem Flower School! I got the pleasure of sitting in on one of her classes and enjoyed her lively captivating style of teaching as well as her easy to grasp instructions!

Wether you are a bride looking for a floral designer or starting your own journey into floral design you will enjoy this short interview and a glimpse into her life as Amy Lynne Originals.

Tell me a little about your family: I have been married for 17 years and I have three kids. My oldest is a girl and already in 6th grade, which is crazy! Then I have 2 sons, a ten year old and a five year old, which is a little nuts because I have preschool, elementary and middle school! My kids love coming in the studio, my daughter is very artistic likes to come in and play with flowers and sometimes draws pictures of my designs. My husband is in golf construction which is nice because he can work from home. We went to the same elementary, middle school and high school but then we went to different colleges and both ended up working in Atlanta and ran into each other there.

What was your wedding like: We got married in his parents back yard. We wanted a small intimate wedding and it turned out to be out to be over 200 people! It was really lovely! We were supposed to get married in front of this big beautiful dogwood that was blooming but the it rained! So we got married under a tent. It wasn’t ideal but we have been married a long time so that is what matters!

How long have you been in business as Amy Lynne Originals: Ten years but have been working in the floral industry for 25 years.                                                                      What led you down the career path of floral design: I think just because it was my first job that I started doing, and I actually tried not to do it but I just kept finding myself drawn back to it.



How would you describe your style: Loose, airy, fun, and bright. I think when you look around my studio you can see I go bright. You know, a lot of weddings are champagne and blush, very beautiful and I am not slamming chapagne and blush, it’s gorgeous but I think I just like playing with color. I like more of a clean and industrial style and lean more towards the unusual.

What is your favorite part of floral design: I will say that I know I love my job because I get super excited on the days that the floral truck comes and I am opening boxes and seeing how everything comes in. I love seeing how everything comes together and I get very excited on design days! My favorite part of it is findng new varieties and I get pretty pumped when I get to design with something that is a little bit different.

How many weddings do you do in a year: I did about 50 last year which is a little too much. It’s hard when you get someone who comes in and you really like them so you end up breaking your rules and stretching yourself a bit. Thirty weddings is probably about my average.

What is your biggest inspiriation when designing: Color….Finding different color palettes that work and seeing it all come together in the end is the most inspiring.                                                                            What are your favorite flowers for each season: Spring:Hellebores, Fall: Amaranthus, Summer: Dahlias, Winter: Holiday greens because they smell so good

When someone comes in to meet with you do you prefer that the bring pictures in or do you prefer that they come in with a blank slate and just go from there: I prefer that they bring one or two pictures in because it gives me visual imagery of their style and then we go from there but not a whole slew of pictures of exactly what you want your wedding to look like. Just a starting point that leads us into conversation of what you like and get a feel of what style you like.

What’s your process of working with a bride for her wedding day: It starts with the intitial consultation and it kindof depends on where they are at in the planning process. Then six weeks before the wedding we meet again to make adjustments and see how things have changed. I don’t do samples because I want my clients to trust me and there needs to be that level of trust. Also what I make in July (for a sample) for an October wedding is not going to look the same in October, it’s just impossible. I do visit venues especially if it’s a venue that I have never been to before and at that time we are able to talk about logistics, schedules and when we need the flowers there for pictures.

If you were getting married again what would be the important things you would look for in a florist and what would be some questions you would ask in the first consultation: I would look for someone who I knew had a lot of experience and had the style that I lean towards. I would go to their website and see if they do that type of style that I lean towards. Other than that I think that floral design is art and floral designers are artist so I would not go in and tell someone that this is exactly what I need/want because they could create something really different, unusual and beautiful for me so I would find someone that I really trust but then I would give them creative freedom.

How far in advance does someone need to book with you? It depends on the season but I only take a certain amount of weddings per year. I think most people book about 6-8 months out and January is by far the biggest booking month.
Any last words of advice or thoughts? Let your floral designer be creative, let them use their gift!

Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I enjoyed meeting you, seeing a bit of what you do and I am still hoping to be able to take one of your classes soon!  Best wishes!