Words I live by:

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” -William Shedd

Food has a special place in my life

Any kind of chips/Anything packed with carbs

My happy place:

Where the love of my life is present. 

life is…

God, Husband, Family, and really living


I grew up in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.  It was there that my love for photography started when I received my first kodak camera at the young age of 10.  Over the years, I lost track of that passion.  When I met my husband 7 years ago he began to encourage me to pursue photography as a hobby which eventually turned into a career and ignited a passion for it again….and I am so glad he did.  I can’t imagine my life without my camera, without the beautiful memories I am so blessed to capture, without the beautiful families, seniors, and couples that trust me with some of the most special times of their lives.  

Moments are so important to me in my own life. Every photo I take, I treasure knowing that years from now, I will have it to look back at and remember the laughter, tears, joys, and even pain of every fleeting minute of my life.  Your memories are just as important to me.  I want to be there when your groom sees you the first time and wipes a tear from his eye. I want to be there when you dance with your grandpa who you weren’t sure would be able to make it to the wedding.  I want to be there when your child turns one and is starting to take their first wobbly steps.  I want to be there in your child’s senior year when, with mixed fear and excitement, you bittersweetly release them to conquer the world.  I want to be there for you, every step of the way treasuring, delighting and relishing every monumental moment, all while capturing each emotion. 


Belen is a photographer who has recently made the move from middle Georgia where she lived for 10 years back home to the beautiful Pacific North West. She is loves to travel and is available worldwide.  She lives in Oregon with her multi-talented musician husband, Brice and their dog Diesel.  Brice and Belen have been married 5 years and enjoy riding bikes together, exercising, playing rummy, and singing while Brice plays the guitar.