I have to admit something…I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my photos.  I want everyone to cooperate, everyone to smile when I say smile, laugh when I say laugh, look the exact angle and direction I say, and basically be my robots for an hour or so.  This is why family sessions often make me less than completely comfortable.  Children are not always going to be in good moods or sometimes you will say smile and instead they will laugh uncontrollably, you’ll say hug mommy, and instead they will climb all over her laughing and kissing.  Children don’t always “cooperate”…but you know what?  I am learning to love this part of sessions.  The real unscripted life.  The parts that may not win any composition award but absolutely capture REAL life!  The love, the laughter, tears, trust….the whole thing!


Keisler Family!  Thank you for trusting me to capture you absolutely ADORABLE (just look at the pictures below!EEEK) family!  I had so much fun capturing all the different personalities and faces!


Ps.  Check out how GORGEOUS momma is here!!  Bethany is a photographer as well over at Bethany Keisler Photography When I was checking out her facebook page I noticed it was very difficult to find one photo of her by herself (a normal problem for most photographers) so we took the time to capture a few photos of this beautiful lady!  Bethany, I hope you realize how beautiful you are and come out from behind that camera once in awhile 😉